Early MLK Celebrations

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He was a man of great influence who fought for change in a famously non-violent way, and ever since his untimely death the nation has celebrated his birthday every January. Friday Meridian Community College got an early start honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"He was extremely for justice, extremely for peace, extremely for truth and extremely for love," said R.D. Harris during his speech at MCC.

Meridian High School principal R.D. Harris was the guest speaker for today's event. He spoke remembered Dr. King and spoke about the event's theme "Commitment to Diversity and Justice".

"I think we have made changes, but it takes time. He spoke about his grandchildren and his children's children, he was saying it takes some time its not going to happen overnight," said Harris.

MCC wasn't the only school celebrating early, Northeast Middle school held their Martin Luther King Jr. holiday Friday as well. Judge George Warner was the guest speaker at Northeast Middle School, which had the same theme as MCC.

"Dr. Martin Luther King came with his ideas and had the made more lasting changes that anyone else in history," said Warner.

Each event had music and speakers but they also held essay contest for students at are schools. Dalton Newell, Summer Robinson and Samantha Howard, were all winners. These events are two of many that will take place across the nation over the next couple days, a reminder that Dr. King's legacy will not be forgotten.