Cost of UWA Dispute

It has been almost a week since the faculty senate at the University of West Alabama asked seven members of the board of trustees to resign.

At last check, none of the trustees mentioned had formally responded to the request. Meanwhile, some of the members asked to resign have filed a lawsuit to determine who is chairman of the board. Two separate boards have been in place for close to a year.

Officials with the faculty senate say the lawsuit is costing the school money that it does not have.

"We haven't seen the exact figures but I would imagine you're talking a professor's salary or the scholarships for four or five needy students," said faculty senate president Dr. Richard Schellhammer. "If you ask me, it just doesn't seem right. We want them to stop using our money to sue us.

Board member Mann Minus, who has been one of two chairmen during the dispute, said there have been discussions among trustees about the losing party paying for the cost of the lawsuit, not the school.

The case could go to court sometime next month.