UWA Lawsuit

It's been almost a week since the faculty senate at the University of West Alabama asked seven members of the school's board of trustees to resign. At last check none of the trustees mentioned had formally responded to the request. Meanwhile, in light of the ongoing controversy involving the board, some of the members asked to resign have filed a lawsuit to determine who is chairman. The case is expected to come up in court sometime next month.

Meanwhile, officials with the faculty senate say the lawsuit is costing the school money that it does not have.

"We haven't seen any figures yet but I would imagine that with attorneys fees this lawsuit is costing about the same amount of a professor's salary or the scholarships for four to five needy students. If you ask me it's just doesn't seem right," says UWA Faculty Senate president Dr. Richard Schellhammer. "It's just not fair for them to use our money to sue us!"

Board member Mann Minus says there have been discussions among trustees about the losing party ultimately paying for the cost of the lawsuit, not the school. At this time it's still unclear if that will happen.