Schools Get Welcome News

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Test scores released last month showed two Lauderdale County high schools and two Meridian elementary schools were on the statewide list of schools with academic problems. The latest results released this week do not show any city or county schools still on that list.

Meridian superintendent Dr. Janet McLin analyzed the results.

"Our strongest points are in our lower grades," said McLin. "For example in math and reading in second grade our children just did outstandingly well and third and fourth grade was good and it diminishes as you go up in the grade level."

So who gets the credit? McLin says everybody.

"We've had more parent involvement this past year that I believe we've ever had, especially in our elementary school," said McLin. "That's where we're seeing the advances being made. We have good average daily attendance. Our children are coming to school and then, of course, our teachers are focusing very heavily on the things that we know to be important."

County Superintendent David Little says plain hard work was a factor.

"The scores that we've got right now we are very pleased with and we're just going to use them to build on for the next year," said Little.

He also saluted the teachers for their efforts

"Our teachers are working just very hard, harder, harder than we've ever had them work.," said Little. "They're focused. They know what to teach, what they need to expect of the children so our teachers are the number one."