Northwest Raises Rates on Seniors

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Northwest Airlines has dropped its across-the-board 10 percent discounts on tickets for passengers who are at least 62-years-old and has stopped selling discounted light coupon books for seniors.

Northeast serves several airports in Mississippi. Spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch says Northwest no longer wanted to allow the senior discounts on top of already heavily discounted fares. And because of the heavily discounted fares, the coupon books were no longer such a good deal.

Seniors will still get a break on some Northwest fares. Northwest has introduced a new fare type for people 65 and older hat represents about ten percent off Northwest's "Every Day Deals" pricing that was introduced last fall. Those fares will be offered in limited numbers on flights.

The airline also is increasing the return time for round-trip senior tickets to 180 days, an increase from the current 30 days for most round-trip tickets.

Delta Air Lines also eliminated its 10 percent senior discount, matching Northwest's move. U.S. Airways earlier eliminated its 10 percent discount, but kept its coupon book for seniors.