59Twenty Festival Kicks Off in Downtown Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. Although the day started out windy and cool, hundreds of music lovers gathered on the front lawn of Meridian City Hall to socialize, dance, and enjoy several hours of music. From local musicians to nationally renowned bands, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Although the 59Twenty Music Festival benefits a local charity, people from all over come to enjoy the music.

"The festivals great, I think it's just been a perfect day and a little windy," said West Virginia resident Elise Anderson. "Other than that it's been absolutely beautiful. Great live excellent music."

With numerous bands playing, there's been a variety of music for people to enjoy. People came out to enjoy bands from Surviving Allison, to Rosco Bandana, to the local musicians that took the stage.

"I'm really excited about the diversity of music, the different kinds of music that's going to be going on today," said festival goer Caleb Martin. "Especially on the Meridian Artist Stage. A lot of local artists that you can see locally, play some really really great music and do a really good job. It's a great showcase for them as well."

With half of the proceeds benefiting The Care Lodge in Meridian, you not only get to help a great cause, but you get to have a great time while doing it.

"Anytime an event like this wants to donate to a really good charity like The Care Lodge, it gives people an extra incentive to come out," said Martin. "To not only bring other artist and have a good time, but to benefit The Care Lodge or whatever kind of charity you might have in Meridian."

The festival continues to grow bigger each year as more people attend the festival, but it's also a way to draw people to the city.

"I love Meridian, you all have a great community here. It's beautiful, it's gorgeous weather. I love it here," said Anderson.

The music festival will be selling tickets for the concert until 9 pm. Tickets are $30 at the gate.