City Works on Smelly Problem

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An offensive smell in the Cotton Gin Road area was caused by material in the sewage line becoming septic by the time it reached that particular pump station. The explanation came from Ken Storms, Meridian's chief administrative officer, who says while the repairs continue, the odor is being masked.

"We have a temporary fix in there. We've got some perfume for lack of a better word. There's a sodium super chloride or something like that. It makes it smell less offensive. Let me put it that way. And does it reduce the odor completely? No, it doesn't. But it's going to allow us to determine what's really going on," Storms said.

Storms said the engineers know how to fix it but it will take from one to two months.

Public works director Monty Jackson said these kinds of problems are not unusual.

"Sewage starts breaking down as soon as it's discharged from the sewer line so there's always some odors," said Jackson. "Some situations create odors more than others."

Jackson said one of the reasons the city of Meridian is planning to rehab its entire sewer system over the next few years is because the Cotton Gin Road problem could happen again.

"It's a preventive maintenance, just like overlaying a street," Jackson said, who adds that portions of the Meridian sewer system are over
80 years old.