Grieving Family Seeks Closure

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Twenty three years ago Monday, Angela Stallings' life was changed forever. Her mother, Ann Taylor, only 29 years old, was murdered. She was shot 13 times as she closed up the Billups convenience store where she worked, off Highway 39 in Meridian.

Angela was only six when it happened, but when we revisited the site with her, the memory of that day still rang very clear to the daughter who is now 29 years old.

"We were all sleeping and the phone rang. My grandmother answered it and then I saw here start crying," said Stallings.

Angela said the healing process has been hard for her and the entire family, mainly because the murder was never solved. All that is left now is newspaper clippings and pictures.

"They just didn't have a lot to go on. I mean, they had some clues but not enough to get anything," Stallings said.

Twenty-three years changes a lot. That Billups convenience store is now a Texaco. The investigation has since been closed, but that doesn't mean investigators on the scene that day have forgotten.

"We began to investigate. If I remember correctly, she was shot with a small caliber, like a 25 caliber pistol, numerous times," said Mike Hatcher, an investigator now retired from the Meridian Police Department.

Hatcher said there were virtually no clues. Taylor was found in the back of the store, all the doors were locked. She had been beaten and even kicked.

"If I remember correctly, we interviewed the last person Ms. Taylor waited on that day," Hatcher said.

The Meridian Police Department told Newscenter 11 the file is buried away along with the hundreds of other unsolved cases.

"I just need to feel like I have done something," said Stallings. "Done something for mama."

Taylor's family holds a glimmer of hope that one clue might end this 23-year-old nightmare.

If you have information about this case, you may contact the MPD's criminal investigations division at (601) 485-1859 or Crimestoppers at (601) 485-1860.