Elderly Man Found

Shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, 101-year-old Brister Waiters was found about a half mile from his home by a neighbor.

"It's hard to say how long he was there," says Sheriff Johnny Hatter. "I really think he's been out here since day one when he was reported missing."

Waiters was found in a lake with his walking cane a few feet from here near the bank. Although investigators say they had searched the area several times and found nothing, they say perhaps the weather played a factor in him being found.

"On Monday it was real warm and we figured if a body was in the water it was a good time for it to come up," says Sheriff Hatter.

Reported missing almost two weeks ago, investigators say foul play is not suspected. In fact family members say Waiters, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, had told his wife that he was going back to his childhood home which was near where he was found.

"I'm hurting about my husband but I'm so happy that he's found," says Prudie Waiters.

"Well, I thank God for some closure. At least I know where my dad is, but I'm still sad because I never picked his end being this way you know at his age, says Velma Waiters-Wright.

"We're sorry it turned out this way but he lived a long life. He lived 101 years. He was blessed to live that long. I wish I could live that long," says Sheriff Hatter.

Tentative funeral arrangements have been set for Friday at 1 p.m. at Bethel Pine Baptist Church in Coatopa, Alabama.