Bush Stumps for Riley and Economy

George Bush
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When Air Force One touched down at Birmingham's airport this morning, the President carried with him a message for weary investors; the U.S. economy is coming back.

Bush also said America needs to get over the economic binge of the 1990s.

"We were in a land of, there was endless profit," said the President. "There was no tomorrow when it came to the stock market's and corporate profits, and now we're suffering a hangover for that binge."

The President told the crowd on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham that the economy is fundamentally strong.

"This economy has got the foundations for growth so that the people who want to find work can find work," said Bush, "so that the entrepreneurs in America can flourish."

After the President's speech, the Dow Jones average plummeted some 400 points, then stormed back to recover and finished the day down just 45 points at 8639.

"People are just looking for terrible news from the corporate side," said Bush. "And they're not getting much support from the governments."

The President also renewed his pledge to hold accountable those responsible for corporate fraud.