McCoy Moves on Economic Plan

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House Speaker Billy McCoy said Tuesday work will start immediately on implementing a 20-year economic development proposal based on educational initiatives. It was presented to the Mississippi House of Representatives.

The plan offers 17 recommendations in the categories of individuals, ideas and infrastructure. Most of the recommendations require additional state funding.

McCoy said the goal is to create quality employment for Mississippians.

Some of the report's recommendations to lawmakers are to:

  • Fund scholarships to students in critical subject and geographical

  • Offer incentives for professionals to remain in Mississippi.

  • Develop and fund programs to combat adult illiteracy.

  • Provide capital to encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Implement stable funds to stimulate research.

Gov. Haley Barbour said the report is similar to proposals he made at his job summit in December and in his state of the state speech last month.