61st Annual Jimmie Rodgers Festival Comes to an End

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Meridian, Miss. The third and final day of the Jimmie Rodgers Festival was filled with several musical acts that offer a sound of country music.

People near and far have descended upon Singing Brakeman Park to hear one of the more anticipated bands this year, Sawyer Brown. One man in attendance is attending for the first time and says his love for country music began while buying property.

"I bought a piece of property in Florida from an old Country Western singer named Hank Locklin," said first time attendee Ronnie Hines. "He got the seed planted in me in the style of old country music."

Whether from out of state or just a few counties away, several in attendance said their time was enjoyable.

"The people, it's just very nice down here listening to the music being played and being with my child," said Neshoba County Resident Frankie Davis.

From hanging with family and friends, partaking in the numerous vendors, or just listening to country music there was many things to do. Festival Chairman Richard Ferguson said so far this year, the festival has been a success.

"It's been good actually, we had a big crowd last night for the Molly Ringwalds, it was kind of a rock night," said Ferguson. "We have a lot of variety this year with three different styles of music. We started out with Gospel, then had the rock bands come in last night with Trademark and Molly Ringwalds. I guess this is Country night tonight with Sawyer Brown."

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