Celebrating Heritage Through Song

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To know they could be anything they wanted to be, was the message West End Elementary students took him after seeing and participating in the schools black history program, which celebrated African American heritage though music.

"You wanna make sure that everything is celebrated. The things they deal with on a daily bases, to let them know that we have a rich heritage and to be proud of who they are and where they came from, said Owida Roberts, principal of West End.

It also should them who came before them. The kids impersonated the Supremes and Chubby Checker, even the temptations. The program didn't focus solely on music one girl played the black lady that invented the ironing board and another student embodied Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose success speaks though history.

The play was hosted by two teachers, who through the characters of old grandmas, told the story of the black past.

"I think it is important to express to our kids about their past to know where they are going.”

Faculty, staff and students at West End hope Friday's event will encourage everybody, not just black people, to celebrate society's diversity in a world where some people are still reluctant to do so.