Guard's Top Enlisted Visit's the 186th

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In the upcoming realignment and closure process slated to being in 2005, National Guard bases are not exempt as in the past and are in as much danger as any other base in the country.

There are 94,000 enlisted men and women in the Air National Guard, Chief Master Sergeant Valerie Benton says as she sees it she is responsible in part for every single one of them.

“They all belong to me, it is my responsibility to ensure their heat, their morale, their welfare, and the only way to know how that is going is to come to them wherever they are,” says Benton.

Chief Master Sergeant Benton says, her visits also allow her to share the vision of the Air National Guard Director as it pertains to Base Realignment and Closures also known as BRAC. It’s called a proactive approach Vanguard.

“When it comes to BRAC, we have to remind everyone how important the guard is to this nation and be out there and be ready to defend ourselves,” says Benton.

Chief Master Sergeant Benton is the eight Command Chief Master Sergeant for the Director of the Air National Guard, the highest enlisted rank attainable outside of Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.