Jury Selection Set for Crematory Trial

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Jury selection is set for a federal class action law suit against Tri-State Crematory operator Ray Brent Marsh is set to begin Monday in Rome, Georgia.

The case originally involved about 1,600 families suing about 50 funeral homes, former Tri-State Crematory operator Brent Marsh and the estate of his late father, Ray Marsh, who ran the crematory until 1996, but many of the funeral homes reached pretrial settlements or are in the process of doing so, leaving only nine funeral homes expected to go to trial.

The younger Marsh also faces 787 felony charges for the 334 corpses found in February 2002 at the crematory in Noble, near the Tennessee line. In addition to the federal lawsuit, 17 funeral homes also still face superior court lawsuits in Walker and Whittled counties.