Nine Arrested in Sting

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The Clarke and Wayne County sheriff's departments and the East and South Mississippi Drug Task Forces combined efforts to arrest nine men in south Shubuta on Friday, Aug. 9.

For the last eight months, the Clarke County Sheriff's Office has been watching Kermit "Chubby" Gray. Last Friday, he and eight other men were arrested at his residence. Gray, whose bond was set Monday, is being held on several drug-related charges.

"This individual has been a thorn in my side on the south part of the county and also in Wayne County," said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp. "It's right on the county line where this individual lives."

Sheriff's deputies also arrested seven men in a shed behind Gray's mobile home. Kemp says Gray and his friends were illegally gambling in the shed.

"Poker, they were playing a lot of poker," said Kemp. "Shooting dice, stuff like that. That's totally illegal unless you go to Neshoba County, to Philadelphia."

About 15 officers swarmed in on Gray and his friends last Friday around 7:30 p.m. Sheriff Kemp said he has been receiving tips about Gray and his illegal activity for months, and from some of the most unlikely informants.

"We had several cases where we had trials of drug violators testify in Circuit Court about going to this individual's residence to purchase drugs," said the sheriff. "And it's been an ongoing problem and we took care of that Friday night."

It's estimated that the drugs taken from Gray's trailer had a street value of $6,000. The grand jury will convene here in Clarke County in February to consider indictments.