Missing Family Found

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The bodies of Michael Hargon, his wife Rebecca and their 4-year-old son James Patrick were found overnight Monday.

"They were recovered in a wooded area in Covington County and have been taken to the coroner where they will undergo an autopsy and forensic testing," said Warren Strain with the Mississippi Public Safety Commission.

Charged with three counts of capital murder is Michael Hargon's cousin, Earnest Lee Hargon, who lived a short distance from where the bodies were found.

"The affidavit says that the murder took place during the attempted kidnapping of one or more members of the family," said Yazoo County District Attorney James Powell.

Authorities have speculated that a dispute over a cattle farm may have been the motive. It was originally willed to Ernest Lee Hargon by his adoptive father, Charles. However in January just before his death, Charles Hargon changed his will, leaving the property to his great-nephew, Michael rather than to Earnest Lee.

Carl Murphy owns a farm near the property in question. He says he knows the entire Hargon family.

Authorities say Earnest Lee Hargon became a suspect the day after the family disappeared. They call the case against him "Rock Solid" and say they will seek the death penalty.