UWA Lawsuit Resolved

A statement released by UWA president Dr. Richard Holland, who was in Montgomery Tuesday, said an agreement had been reached between two factions of the board of trustees, which have met separately for almost a year.

''The trustees agreed that the best interests of the University of West Alabama would be served by a more harmonious relationship of the board. Mann Minus will continue to serve as board chairman,' said Holland in a statement.'

UWA was in good standing with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools until the board split in a dispute over an appointment last March.

In December, SACS placed UWA on probation for a year. How the resolution of the lawsuit will affect the current probation is not yet known.

In the meantime, the Alabama Senate Tuesday delayed a confirmation vote on five appointments by Gov. Bob Riley to the UWA board, to replace five others whose terms expired Dec. 31. Committee chairman, Sen. E.B. McClain said the appointments need more study.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.