Board Reverses Termination

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The board of directors for the Chickasawhay Natural Gas District reversed its decision that terminated district manager Randy Fleming one week ago.

Fleming was reinstated Monday night after a special called meeting.

Newscenter 11 was told about 50 people from Wayne and Clarke Counties were present for the short meeting, but were not allowed to be a part of it.

The board announced its decision after an executive session.

"The chairman came back out to the crowd and announced that the district manager had been reinstated by method of rescinding the motion that was made last week to fire him and reinstate him in full," Mary Taylor Jones of the Chickasawhay Natural Gas District told Newscenter 11.

Chickasawhay Natural Gas District serves more than 3600 customers and has offices in Shubuta, Quitman and Waynesboro.