Top Jobs in Computers

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The Mississippi Employee Security Commission reported Tuesday that Mississippi employers' greatest need is for computer support specialists, a job that pays an average $34,110 per year.

Need for that job is expected to grow by 87 percent over the next six years.

The highest-paid job on the list is for a computer systems software engineer. That job pays an average annual salary of $63,490 and is projected to grow by 70 percent.

Seven of the ten fastest growing careers require a college education. The three that don't, home health aide, medical assistant, and personal and home care aide, are also the lowest paid.

Jan Garrick of MESC said the biggest change in the list is that paralegals, which once topped the list, are no longer in the top 10.

The top 25 jobs, according to the Mississippi Employment Security Commission, are listed below.

1. Computer support specialists
2. Network systems and data communications
3. Computer software engineers, systems software
4. Desktop publishers
5. Home health aides
6. Computer software engineers, applications
7. Medical assistants
8. Network and computer systems administrators
9. Physician assistants
10. Personal and home care aides
11. Physical therapist aides
12. Physical therapist assistants
13. Audiologists
14. Occupational therapist aides
15. Database administrators
16. Medical records and health information technicians
17. Occupational therapist assistants
18. Speech language pathologists
19. Dental assistants
20. Dental hygienists
21. Cardiovascular technologists and technicians
22. Occupational therapists
23. Respiratory therapy technicians
24. Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten and elementary
25. Surgical technologists