Riley Drops in at UWA

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After nearly a year of feuding and litigation, the University of West Alabama trustees had a peaceful meeting Monday. Those attending were surprised when Gov. Bob Riley popped in. Riley said things are changing at the troubled university and he wants to help bring the "family" back together.

Trustee conflicts at the university in Livingston have been as numerous as at Auburn University and the schools have had the same fate: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools placed both on probation for one year because of management problems.
The meeting was the first in almost a year in which two factions of the West Alabama board met in the same room.

In March 2003, a group of dissatisfied trustees tried to oust Chairman Mann Minus, causing a split board and a lawsuit between the factions.

Riley picks trustees and serves on the board and has chosen five new trustees to replace board members whose terms had expired.