Deputies Pursue Leads in Prank

Someone called Lauderdale County’s 911 dispatch late Thursday morning claiming a bomb had been placed at a northeast middle school.

The sheriff’s department and school officials responded, but a search turned up nothing unusual. However, Major Ward Calhoun said officials are pursuing leads that could produce an arrest.

"Obviously, these types of things disrupt school. They cause the learning process to cease for a short period of time. And neither the sheriff's department nor, I believe I can speak for the school system, are going to tolerate this," said Calhoun. "And when an individual is found to have been involved in this or had knowledge of this or to be a conspirator in this, they'll be charged appropriately."

A conviction for making a false bomb threat could mean a ten year prison sentence.

Anyone with information on this bomb threat may call Crime Stoppers at 917-8888.