"Lighting" the Path Home Part 2

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Wednesday we told you about two Meridian areas, 8th Street and the Highway 35/45 interchange. Both seem to have out of synch traffic lights. We were assured by Greer Goldman of Meridian Public Works office they were up to par.

"At lest twice a year we go to every intersection, we clean the cabinet out, make sure they timings are still correct. Make sure all the screws are tight and everything is in good shape," said Goldman.

That doesn’t mean that problems don't occur and when they do, it can have a larger impact than just aggravating your ride home.

"As far as your highways, your major traffic areas, it is best not to stop it, for fuel efficiency and for the wear and tear on your car," said Bob Mabry with the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

And Triple A aggress, they say that any road with lights that require a driver to stop frequently can increase the cost the driver pays for car up keep and gas.

Some of the problems with lights occur from broken sensors or un-timed lights. But the main source of light problems in Meridian is very simple. The equipment is just old.

"Some of the equipment we have is probably 20-25 years old. Some of the company's are not in business anymore. Every thing we buy now is state of the art, manufactures that are doing real good business. Keeping up with all the new stuff. I would to see a lot of intersections changed and updated," says Greer Goldman.

They are updating lights, this one at 45th street and Poplar Springs Road was just recently changed, putting a sensor and new energy efficient LCD lights, but the cost was nearly $10,000 dollars. Goldman says problems are inevitable and encourages the public to contact Meridian Public Works if they see one.

"There are occasions when we have a loop that may break in the street or a signal that has a malfunction in it. You have to remember that lights are infallible," reminds Greer.