Robbery-Attempted Kidnapping

It all happened around 3:30 Sunday morning at this Super Stop convenience store in downtown Butler. It was at that time that two men, 33-year-old Arthur Lee Turner from Sweetwater and 23-year-old Lamonta Anthony from Linden were accused of robbing the lone clerk at knifepoint. After taking money, the two are accused of forcing the clerk outside the store.

Once outside the door the robbers allegedly tried to force the clerk into the trunk of the vehicle, which they were driving. It was at this time that investigators say the woman was able to narrowly get away and escape back into the store, lock the door and then called for help.

According to investigators the two could still be in the area.

"There's that possibility," says Butler Police Chief Chuck Breland. "Certainly we don't know for sure. We're very confident that we have'em identified and it's a matter of time before we take'em into custody."

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two suspects is asked to call the Choctaw County Sheriff's Department at (205) 459-2166.

Investigators say ALL informants will remain anonymous. Meanwhile, if found guilty authorities say Turner and Anthony could face up to ten years behind bars.