Rising Gas Prices

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"It’s too high, it needs to go down some. I am sick of paying $1.67, it used to be like $1.33. Shoot! It needs to go back down, why don't they go back down," said Sentoria Smith a gas station attendant on 8th Street.

Don't we wish we knew? Sentoria sees it day in and day out as an attendant, the gas prices that seem to keep on going up and aggravating customers.

"Some do, they come in and say gas is so HIGH, that’s what they say," said Smith.

They average gas price in the United States is $1.71 up from a month ago at $1.62, an increase experts say is alarming. Alarming because not only are they up from a month ago they are up from a year ago, the same year the U.S. was entering the war in Iraq.

AAA says prices shouldn't be this high in a time when the relative global economy is stable, but other financial analysts say that same stability is driving up the prices.

"There are several factors that affect energy prices. One is the output, OPEC, with the war in the Middle East has driven prices up, and as the economy around the U.S. and the world improves, consumption has gone up. Those two factors have caused oil prices to reach levels we have not seen yet," said Bob Coffin, Vice President of Investments at A.G. Edwards and Associates.

Prices on the consumer market in general are going up, leading some to believe the answer to this phenomenon of gas prices rising in a stable market, is as a simple as inflation.