USM Suspends Two Professors

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English professor Gary Stringer and anthropology professor Frank Glamser say they believe they are being terminated because they questioned the qualifications of university vice president Angie Dvorak.

The USM chapter of American Association of University Professors reviewed Dvorak's resume and concluded that she had misrepresented herself on it. Glamser is president of the chapter.

AAUP said Dvorak claimed to be a tenured associate professor of English at the University of Kentucky in Lexington while serving as president of Ashland Community College from August 1997 to October 2000. Dvorak has denied falsifying her resume.

The university issued a statement that said the professors' suspensions were not "the result of either of these two professors exercising any form of constitutionally free speech.''

The statement said the administration is prohibited by law from commenting on the reasons for the suspensions.