Executed Killer Speaks

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Days before his execution, condemned inmate Tracy Alan Hansen said he was a friendless youth who had been in and out of jails days most of his life.

The letter to The Associated Press was dated July 14 and postmarked July 17.

That's the same day the 39-year-old Hansen was executed for shooting and killing State Trooper Bruce Ladner in 1987. Hansen and his girlfriend had been on a crime spree in Florida when they drove into Mississippi.

Hansen said he had been a crook most of his life. He described himself as a loner and friendless. He said friends he had developed since imprisoned had "blessed" his life, forgiven him for his sins and brought love to his heart.

He said he hoped Ladner would be pleased with the way his life has changed.

As he said in his final statement Wednesday, Hansen wrote that he had made many friendships over the years, many of them through the mail. He said he was concerned about the pain they would feel at his death.