John Kerry in Mississippi

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Kerry spent much of the day in Mississippi on Sunday, campaigning for the Democratic Primaries that are to be held on Tuesday. Kerry has already wrapped up enough delegates to win his party's nomination but that did not stop him for bringing his message to church goers at Greater Bethlehem Temple in Jackson.

"I've seen the worry on families’ face, heard parents say who say to me. I can't afford health care. If my kids go to do sports as other kids do, if they fall out of a tree and get hurt, I don't have the money to go to the doctor and fix it. I don't know what I'm going to do. I see heads nodding out there people know what I'm talking about," said Kerry.

"And there are people all over this country who have been out of work a year, and a half, two years, harder to go to school 'cause the tuition is going up, harder to afford the health insurance, all the time, the top people up there in Washington say let's just give another tax cut to the wealthy and wait for that to trickle down," said Kerry.

"We're going to stand up and honor the hard work and mainstream values of this country, and we're going to give the middle class families the tax break they deserve, we're going to lower the cost of healthcare and we're going to bring back jobs. This administration thinks exporting jobs is a good idea. I don't I think creating jobs in America and exporting products is a good idea," continued Kerry.

John Kerry also held a town hall meeting at Tougaloo College. The Democratic Primaries are to be held on Tuesday March 9. Polls open at 7 in the morning and close at 7 that night.