Roadway Reaches Milestone

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Roadway Express celebrated a milestone this week. It reached the one year and 13 million mile accident free mark.

"We have gone over a year without an accident and when you consider we run 250,000 miles a week, in all types of weather, at all times, that's amazing," said driver Wayne Phillips, chairman of the Safety Council at Roadway.

Roadway requires its drivers to attend a course called the Smith Program every three years. It trains them to think ahead and be prepared, arming them with general guidelines and safety rules for the road.

"Aim high in steering, make sure they see you," said Phillips, citing an example. "Things like when you approach a red light that has been green for a while, that's what we call a stale light. It could change at any second so you have to be prepared to stop."

One of the main concerns for truck drivers is the mass of much smaller, quicker vehicles and their lack of experience.

"(Car drivers) don't drive the miles that we do. We know they are going to make some mistakes. We have to be prepared for whatever they do," Phillips said.

Phillips said the best thing passenger car and truck drivers can to do on the highway is give the bigger trucks plenty of room to run.