WorldCom Files For Bankruptcy

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Telecommunications giant WorldCom has filed for bankruptcy protection in a New York court.

The move comes about a month after WorldCom disclosed it had inflated profits by nearly four (b) billion dollars through deceptive accounting.

The bankruptcy is the largest in U-S history, and is the latest in a spectacular series of corporate collapses.

WorldCom chief executive John Sidgmore tells The Associated Press his company has negotiated approximately two billion dollars in financing while it reorganizes. The company hopes to emerge from bankruptcy in 12 months.

Sidgmore says the bankruptcy should have no effect on the company's customers -- from long-distance users to corporate data users.

The collapse of WorldCom follows costly scandals at other big-name companies, including Adelphia Communications, Global Crossing and Enron. All have filed for bankruptcy as they attempt to pay creditors and reorganize their businesses.