Dads "Court" Success

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Fathers in Kemper County took to the basketball court and shared a meal with their sons in an effort to help student achievement.

As a part of National Breakfast Week, to help motivate students for the upcoming Mississippi Curriculum Test, and to get more fathers involved in the school system, invited dads out to eat breakfast with their sons and to shoot some hoops. (Livingston)

"We're just delighted we had so many dads come out and play basketball with their sons," said Jane Livingston of Multi County Community Service Agency.

"Today was very successful day. We had a lot of dads out. This is also National Breakfast Week and a lot of dads had breakfast with the boys. We're very proud of today at Kemper Elementary," said Mary Smart.

School officials say parental involvement in the school system is a necessity in order for a child to be successful.

"I think it helps motivate the kids mostly for them to do better in school," said one of the fathers, Tom Rencher.

School officials say they are planning other activities to increase parental involvement.