Healthcare Job Fair

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"It will let me know where jobs are available at, what salary to look for, what to expect on the job and what work environment I want to be in," said Nakesha McGill, a student at Meridian Community College.

Those are the question Nakesha Nakesha and dozens of other students sought answers to at Meridian Community College's Health Care Job Fair Thursday.

"We actually do this for all of our groups we have freshman and sophomores, the sophomores are getting ready to graduate and to go to work. It’s a great opportunity to find jobs locally and around the state," says Steve Arinder, who organized the event at MCC.

Altogether, 28 organizations recruited students for healthcare jobs in Meridian, around the state, and even across the state line. Luckily for these students jobs are available. Job news, in general, has been up or down for several years now.

Since the recession began in 2001 the Department of Labor has recorded nearly 2.3 million payroll jobs lost. The good news is health care jobs traditionally remain strong even in a weak economy and according to experts that weak economy is on its way up, making job fairs like the one on Thursday a little more enticing for graduating students.