FBI Joins Probe

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Michael Hargon, his wife Rebecca, and son James, haven't been seen since Saturday.

The family allowed home video of the Hargon family, taken at their child's christening in September of 2000 and a wedding reception in 1996 at their church, to be shown by WAPT-TV.

The video showed Michael and Rebecca up close and revealed their mannerisms and other identifying characteristics.

Relatives also showed evidence if what may have happened at the couple's home in Vaughan, Miss.

"There was blood marks along the floor," said Bill Hirtz, Rebecca's father,” and it appears that there was a fight for the pistol, a .22 supposedly."

Hirtz retraced the steps, trying to explain the crime that investigators are still trying to understand. There are signs that a bullet went through a wall and hit a fan. It appears there was another shot that hit the ceiling and a door.

"It looks like they took Rebecca probably in what they wore to bed and that was it," Hirtz said. "Nothing was stolen. Money was found on the counter when we came in."

Hirtz showed us James Patrick's inhaler and other medicine, and the four-year-old's bed when he would sleep in his parents' room.

Hirtz says his family is strong.

"Rebecca's very resourceful, smart. If there's any way to survive this, she'll sure try," said Hirtz. "Hope is all you've got."