Shots Fired Between Neighbors

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A shooting near Butler, Alabama sent three people to Meridian hospitals with multiple gunshot wounds.

The incident happened just outside of Butler, Alabama, in the Lusk community.

Hayword Lee Mosley and his wife, Shay Mosley, who live in that west Alabama community, allegedly got into an argument with relative and neighbor Hewey P. Kelly.

An ensuing argument allegedly resulted in a multi-gun shootout around 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

All three were injured and transported to hospitals here in Meridian. Their conditions were unknown, although authorities on the scene say the injuries were not life threatening.

Meanwhile, the Choctaw Sheriff’s Department said it confiscated over 30 guns from the Kelly and Mosley homes. Officials said it was standard procedure in a situation like this.

What sparked the dispute remains under investigation.