Fire Risk Higher Now

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The chance for brush and grassfire increases during this time of the year as the ground is dry, winds are heavy and more people are doing activities outside.

Lauderdale County forester Randy Bowles says brush fires can flare up very easily, sometimes sparked by the burning of trash or similar everyday activities. In the past week, at least five have been reported to the Mississippi Forestry Commission's local district, which stretches from Bay Springs to Wayne County.

"They will spread faster than you can out," said Bowles. "People will think that this low pasture grass will not burn, but it goes as fast as the wind blows."

Even a simple spark from a car or train could cause a major fire.

Here are some other preventive measures you may want to take to prevent such fires:

  • Don't throw cigarette or cigar butts on the ground or out of a vehicle.
  • Rake leaves, cut off dead limbs and twigs, and mow grass regularly.
  • Don't park cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles on dry grass or near shrubs.
  • Parents may want to emphasize to their children the dangers of playing with fire.