Rental Fees Debated

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The Lauderdale County board of supervisors was asked by Agricenter manager Rob Seal to approve a rate cut, from $600 per day to $400 per day for promoters who plan to run nine barrel races at there this year.

"What effect is this going to have on the fair that spends a week and a half or two weeks out there?" asked District 5 supervisor Ray Boswell prior to the vote. "Is it going to have any effect on him wanting to lower his rate at the same time,"

Seal acknowledged the fair promoter had already made the request.

"Mr. (Len) McRae, the promoter for the Queen City Fair has contacted us each year," said Seal.

"What are they paying? Do you know?" asked Boswell.

"I believe he paid about $6,400 last year," Seal said.

Seal said the supervisors had agreed there would be a lower rate for equine events which normally draw small crowds as compared to the fair.

"And there's a lot of difference also when you have 12,000 come through the gate in one night or even let's say, be very conservative and say, 6,000 vs. having 500 come through the gate," said Seal.

County administrator Rex Hiatt asked Seal if $400 per day would cover operating expenses for the facility.

"It will cover the cost. I don't say that it will cover the entire operating cost on a day by day basis, Mr. Hiatt," said Seal.

A motion was made and passed four to zero to establish a policy of charging $400 per day for any promoter of an equine event who contracts for seven or more days of use per year.

Since the barrel race promoters are Alisha Shelton, supervisor Eddie Harper's sister, and her partner Tammy Johnson, Harper abstained and did not vote.