Spelling Bee

Things were all a buzz at Meridian Community College for the annual Lauderdale County spelling bee. Friday, 88 students grades 4 through 8 from county, city, private and home schools took part in the event.

While round one included words that most might know like cupid and dairy, when it got to round nine things got much harder and there were words like geochrony and triceratops and other words which even stumped some educators.

"I've missed one word and I'm afraid to say it was narrative. I put one 'r' in it," says Lauderdale County superintendent David Little.

"With each round the words just kept getting tougher," says Meridian Public Schools superintendent Sylvia Autry.

Tough indeed! Sometimes it was hard to just pronounce the words.

"Honestly, there was one time that I didn't even know what the word meant," says Autry.

So, imagine spelling them. However, that didn't stop 5th grader Ashley Watkins from Crestwood Elementary who was among the top five finalists.

Her strategy, "I just studied as hard as I could every time I could," says Watkins.

However, that's not all that works just ask the winner, 6th grader Kendall Kilgore. He was one of three top finalists who were from Southeast Middle School.

As for the winning word, "On some of the words I didn't have a clue what they meant," says Kilgore. "So, I just guessed!"

Talk about a lucky guess! Well, now Kendell has guessed himself all the way into the state spelling bee next month and maybe even into the nationals in May. Not that he needs it, but GOOD LUCK!