WMD Training Added to RCTA

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The Regional Counterdrug Training Academy at NAS is the first to offer the new Clandestine Laboratory and Weapons Safety Course, or CLAW for short.

The CLAW program combines drug enforcement techniques with HAZMAT training, to protect officers when they enter drug labs.

"What we are doing is certifying the officer to go in and safely investigate and tear down meth labs within their communities," said Mick Mollica, a consultant for RCTA.

With the ingredients readily available, methamphetamines, or meth for short, are quickly becoming the worst drug problem in the U.S.

Easily made at home or in the back of a car, the ingredients are highly combustible and often deadly when mixed improperly.

"The officers have to respond to that. They have to be trained how to handle those situations safely," Mollica said. "These are hazardous chemicals."

But what makes this course unique is that it incorporates Weapons of Mass Destruction. It helps officers, who are often the first responders, to identify WMD's such as Serrin or Anthrax and notify the proper response teams.

"By having them go all the way to Level A, which includes WMD's, they could, as a first responder, look at that crisis and make the proper assessment," said Mollica.