Powell: Death Penalty Still Option

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Yazoo County District Attorney James Powell said there's been no push by relatives of the Michael Hargon family to spare the life of the cousin accused of their murders. However, the legal proceedings against Earnest Lee Hargon are in the early stages with only a motion hearing now scheduled in the case.

Hargon, 43, a one-time cattle truck driver from the Taylorsville area, is jailed without bond on three counts of capital murder. He's accused of shooting to death his cousin, Michael Hargon, and strangling Michael Hargon's wife, Rebecca, and four-year-old son, James Patrick, on Valentine's Day.

The Hargons had been missing for two weeks before their bodies were recovered Mar. 1 in rural Covington County, about 100 miles southeast of their home in Yazoo County. Investigators found a large amount of blood and spent bullet casings at the Hargon home.

During the Mar. 5 funeral Mass for the Hargons, the Rev. Dan Hirtz, a priest and Rebecca's uncle, encouraged friends and family to seek life rather than death for Earnest Lee Hargon.

Powell said the priest has been the only family member who has indicated in any way that the death penalty shouldn't be sought in the case.