Search Continues for Hargons

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Authorities have been searching for Michael, Rebecca and four-year-old James Patrick Hargon since they were discovered missing on Valentine's Day. Authorities say the disappearance is being treated as a criminal matter.

Warren Strain, a spokesman for the task force involved in the search, said Tuesday that a white Ford Econoline van was seen in the area of the Hargons' home in the Vaughan community on the day of the disappearance. He declined to say how investigators received the information. The van was described as having no side windows and two doors that open into the back.

In the Hargons' house, investigators found dried blood droplets, bullet holes and shell casings. Searches are being in Yazoo and Madison counties by investigators using bloodhounds and aircraft.

The search includes the Big Black River, which separates the two counties. The FBI and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety have joined the Yazoo County Sheriff's Department in the investigation.