City Sets Timetable

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The water and sewer project for a new industrial park will start on or before May 26, 2004, and must be completed by September 2005.

It appears construction of the interchange will be substantially later. Tom Bryant, managing principal with Engineering Associates in Jackson said federal governmental requirements still have not been completed.

"We're still in the process of environmental assessment approval. We've gone through almost a year of environmental approval. We started in January almost of last year," said Bryant.

There is still no exact site confirmed for the interchange. At this moment it is probable it will be somewhere between Hawkins Crossing and Knight Parker Road, but that's a distance of almost four fifths of a mile.

"We have had one public meeting in regard to the process. We've received the comments back from the general public. MDOT has received those comments and provided them to us. We've been given some additional alternate routes to consider and so we'll be responding to those comments that MDOT made," Bryant said.

Bryant said he could not speculate on the approximate date that the project might be finished.

"The environmental permitting process takes a long time," said Bryant. "We will probably be the end of the summer before we actually have the environmental approval. So projecting ahead that far is difficult to do."

An environmental study requires examination of the site for any historical or natural significance and previous use of the land involved that might have caused contamination.