2004 Jimmie Rodgers Festival

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Fifty one years and stronger than ever, that's the tone the Jimmie Rodgers Foundation set Wednesday as unveiled its line-up for the 2004 festival.

"We work to perpetuate the life and significance of Jimmie Rodgers and his music around the world. We will have visitors from Australia, Sweden and foreign countries because they are big Jimmie Rodgers fans," said Betty Lou Jones, President of Jimmie Rodger Foundation.

So each year, the foundation and community groups come together to plan a series of events that last from about the first of April until mid May, and this year is no different.

Scheduled Events: 2004 Jimmie Rodgers Festival

April 3-4: Jimmie Rodgers Talent Contest (in conjunction with Art in the Park)
April 8: Southern Gospel Concert
April 30: Contemporary Gospel Concert
April 25: Pickin’ in the Park
May 1st: Car Show (Downtown)

Organizers also say there is also a major country concert in the works. The details have not yet been released.