A Community Cry for Help

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In many areas of Mississippi, the blood supplies are at a critical low.
An immediate appeal was issued for O positive, O negative, and B negative, as hospital supplies have been depleted.

"We just don't have the blood supplies necessary for immediate needs," said Susan Morris of United Blood Services, which supplies blood to hospitals in east Mississippi as well as parts of west Alabama.

Hospitals across the state are dealing with this crisis. Officials say every day is an uphill battle of never knowing what the crisis will be and when it will happen.

The situation is so bad that United Blood Services reported Tuesday there were three surgery patients in area hospitals in life threatening situations.

"We had recently dodged a big bullet and it was the worst situation i have seen in fifty years," Morris said.

"We have had to tell families that we just don't have the blood and it is just hard," said Zula Kimble of Jeff Anderson Regional Hospital.

If you are eligible to donate blood, you may go by the center located at 1115 25th Avenue during regular business hours or you may call 601-482-2482. You should be in good health, at least 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds to be accepted as a blood donor.