Coming Home, Sweet Home

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For the past 13 months, husband, father, grandfather and teacher, Jimmie Evans, has been serving his country in Kuwait.

Evans is a transportation specialist in the U.S. Army.

"They called me 'the grandfather'. I was the oldest thing over there," laughed Evans, talking with Newscenter 11 at Meridian Regional Airport.

Evans, a Meridian native, says that he is happy to return home to not only his family, which includes his wife, three sons, a daughter and grandchildren. He is also happy to be back stateside enjoying the simple luxuries that are taken for granted.

"Over there you don't have access to a phone or internet when you are staying in a tent," Evans said.

"I am just happy and I know Meridian is happy. His friends missed him," said Jimmie's wife, Bettie.

While in Kuwait, Evans, who is part of the 1181st Transportation Unit, worked on a vessel shipping supplies to nearly 130,000 troops. He said sleeping quarters were tight. He stayed in a ten with ten other soldiers.

"I feel I did a good job over there," the reserve soldier said.

Before leaving for Kuwait, Evans was an instructor at Ross Collins Career and Technical Center at Meridian High School. He teaches students about small gas engines and says he is looking forward to going back to teaching.

Evans said nearly 42 fellow soldiers from his unit are still in Kuwait but they will start returning in June. The final demobilization is currently scheduled for August.