Hargon to Attend Hearing

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Earnet Lee Hargon, 43, is jailed without bond on three counts of capital murder. He's accused of shooting to death his cousin, Michael Hargon, and strangling Michael Hargon's wife, Rebecca, and four-year-old son, James Patrick, on Valentine's Day.

The Hargon’s had been missing for two weeks before their bodies were recovered March 1 in rural Covington County, about 100 miles southeast of their home in the Vaughan community in Yazoo County.

Public defender Wesley Evans of Canton, Hargon's court-appointed attorney, said he wants the case moved from justice court to Yazoo County Court. He's requesting that Hargon's preliminary hearing and other legal sessions be recorded by a court reporter.

Evans said he expects a preliminary hearing date to be set on Monday. District Attorney James Powell said earlier this week that he will seek the death penalty.