Holder: "Training is Priority"

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Charles Holder founded Hol-Mac Corporation forty years ago. It is a metal fabricator as well as a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. Holder has been a leader in advocating increased workforce training in our state.

"I think it's probably the most important issue facing the state of Mississippi as far as economic development," Holder said. "We have lost low skilled jobs in the state. I think the only answer that we're, especially in manufacturing, that we're going to be able to retain are highly skilled type jobs."

Holder says he believes low-skilled jobs are gone forever. But it brings up the question, where and how does Holder find highly skilled people in a little town like Bay Springs?

"We just do a heck of a lot of training ourselves. We have always done training from the time that I first went in business. We have three classrooms right now. We bring in some high school teachers. We bring in instructors from outside, depending on what kind of classes and what kind of subjects our people are weak in," said Holder.

Holder said all of us have a stake in the training of the workforce and its ability to meet the needs of business and industry.

In recent years, Holder's company has dedicated itself to continuous improvement by eliminating waste in time, materials, and motion.