Governor Appoints Former Legislator

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Joe Blount was nominated by the governor to replace Ed Buelow who has held the post since 1992. The nomination was given to the Senate Finance Committee this week.

The 57-year-old Blount served two terms in the Mississippi House from 1976 to 1984. He was instrumental in passage of statewide property tax reforms.

Blount is a member of the state Board of Education, a post he will have to give up.

Buelow, served in the House from 1976 until he was named Tax Commission chairman by Gov. Kirk Fordice in 1992. He was reappointed in 1998.

The chairman of the Tax Commission serves a six-year term. The appointment is confirmed by the Senate. The agency has a staff of about 800 people.

If confirmed, Blount would take office July 1. His term would run to June 30, 2010.