Archusa Lake to Get Water Again

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David Lacey would normally enjoy a picturesque day next to the lake where he lives, but his view is far from picturesque. The Archusa Creek Water Park where he lives has been loosing water from a leak in the spillway. The original dam and spillway was destroyed in 1998 due to torrential rains. It was rebuilt in 2000 and that new dam has been leaking ever since.

"It's been a big aggravation, it seems this lake gets pretty low on the priorities," says David Lacy a resident on the Archusa Lake.

The Pat Harrison Waterway District sent Newscenter 11 a press release, it does acknowledge there are problems, it’s leaking, but it also says the spill way is functioning in the capacity for which it was intended.

Residents around here disagree.

"We are concerned because it affects us economically here and we need all the help we can get to get the lake back up to pool level."

Officials say weather constraints are to blame for the delay in damn repairs. They also say it is customary to bring the level down during the winter for maintained purposes, but residents argue it is simply too low.

"Can't get my boat in, I have had it in storage for several years now," says Lacy.

But there could be water at the end of this rather dry tunnel. The Pat Harrison Waterway District has begun construction to repair the leaking dam; in fact, crews were on the seen Friday.

The press release we received said it should be completed this week and the lake level brought back to normal by the end of April, something people in this area say they will believe only when they see it.