How Successful was Art in the Park?

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Day two of the Arts in the Park festival got off without a hitch. Visitors from far and wide staked their claim on the array of handmade arts and crafts.

"This has been a wonderful weekend with a lot of hard work," said Wayne Rawson, President of Meridian Council for the Arts.

Hard work is the key word as it takes the council nearly a year of planning and work to put it all together. Visitors from as far as Chicago and South Carolina just to name a few came to see what the Queen City's Arts Festival had to offer.

"I am here I decided to come down with a girlfriend and a see what was here and buy a few items," said Ruby Jones.

Although some vendors we spoke with had great success this weekend, others said many people looked but decided not to buy.

"All across the board it has been pretty flat it could the economy,” said Jack Kenner an artist.

While the economy could play a major role, Rawson also attributes it to the high pricing of items.

"I have seen a very positive response here, you have to think about pricing, I think that makes a difference," said Rawson.

On the other hand, events like this one generate money not only for the Arts Council, but the community at large.

"This is very good for Meridian because people are spending money at the hotels, restaurants and the other places around here," Rawson said.