Spring and Allergies

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It is officially spring and along with it comes the allergy season. Experts say it will be harsh this year. Allergy sufferers can anticipate an early and extended season.

Every spring, more than 35 million Americans suffer with burning eyes, sniffles and other symptoms as the mild weather translates into the release of pollen-producing tree buds, grasses and weeds.

Pharmacy tech Melette Samuelson, who is to an allergy sufferer, says that sales due to allergies have gone up ten fold just over the past week.

"There are nearly one hundred different over the counter and prescription medications available to take," said Samuelson.

Some of the most popular prescribed medications include Allegra, Clarinex which is the prescription version of the over-the-counter Claritin, and Zyrtec, in addition to nasal sprays.

No matter what kind of allergy medication is taken, doctors advise that you should be careful when driving or drinking. The medication contains an added sedative.

In addition, Dr. Mike Nanney says that sufferers can cut down on the problem by actually staying fit, wearing a mask when doing yard work, and not staying outside for extended periods of time.